Sunday, 24 November 2013

Knight Of Passion!

So many readers have enjoyed Curves For A Knight and Knight Of Domination and asked me where the third part is!

The truth is, when Curves For A Knight was first released, it hardly sold at all. I released Knight Of Domination but the titles didn't get much visibility and dropped off the map. Writing the third title in the series seemed futile.

 But now the series has thousands of readers who found Curves For A Knight in the Big BBW Box set.

So...... the third book in the One Hot Knight series is now being written! Knight Of Passion will be the longest One Hot Knight book yet and it will be available in December!

Watch this space for the release date or email me at ajhamiltonauthor(at) with the Subject of 'One Hot Knight' and I'll make sure you get an email the moment the book is released.

If you still need to read Curves For a Knight and Knight of Domination to get caught up in this modern-day erotic romance, click the links below and fill your Kindle with curves:

Curves For A Knight (One Hot Knight #1)  Click Here

Knight Of Domination (One Hot Knight #2) Click Here

Happy reading!